EBS-260 Handjet®

The EBS-260 Handjet® offers a professional and reliable alternative to traditional marking methods such as stencil printing, paint pens and marker pens. Text from 9 to 54mm high, logos, symbols, barcodes and 2D codes can be printed onto porous and non-porous surfaces. Real time data including date, time, offset date and sequential numbers can be automatically printed.

Based around an industrial inkjet print engine, the EBS-260 Handjet® is idaelly suited for printing in harsh industrial environments including concrete, stone, timber and construction. Durable, fast-drying inks can be used on products stored outdoors without the risk of fading through UV and weather exposure. Black, white, blue and yellow inks are available allowing printing onto virtually any surface - porous or non-porous, pale or dark-coloured.

A wide range of accessories is available including barcode readers to scan-in print data, printing guides for printing onto small and awkward-shaped products and protection kits for harsh environments.


Print area: Up to 54mm x 3m
Text printing: 9 to 54mm including True Type fonts. Up to 5 lines of text printed simultaneously
Variable data: Date, time, offset date, offset time, sequential numbers
Graphics printing: Monochrohme up to 54mm high x 3m wide. PNG file format up to 32 pixels high.
Barcode printing: All common 1D barcode formats using fixed data, date, time, sequential numbers or data from a text file
2D code printing: QR codes up to 53 characters and Datamatrix codes up to 200 characters using fixed data, date, time, sequential numbers or data from a text file
Message editing: Built-in touch screen, WiFi link to PC/Mac/Android device via Firefox browser, USB memory stick transfer from PC, Bluetooth data input
Memory: 10,000+ print messages organised in folders
Inks: Black, white, blue and yellow. Fast-dry suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces
Print method: 32 solenoid-driven nozzles, speed synchronised via integrated roller
Dimensions: 319 x 268 x 88mm
Weight: 1.58Kg including ink cartridge, excluding accessories
Kit contents: EBS-260 Handjet, charger, cleaner spray bottle, ink cartridge, offline editor software
Battery life: 16 hours printing based on printing 1m of print per minute continually. Charge time less than 5 hours from empty
Operating temp: +5 to +40 degrees C. Humidity up to 95% non-condensing
Storage temp: -10 to +45 degrees C

EBS-260 Handjet® Accessories

EBS-260 Handjet inks

EBS-260 Inks

The EBS-260 Handjet® can print onto virtually any surface - porous or non-porous, pale or dark. Metal, plastic, timber, concrete, card, fabric... virtually anything can be printed with the Handjet. A choice of black, white, blue and yellow inks is available all with fast dry times. Blue, yellow and white inks are pigmented giving high contrast on dark-coloured non-porous surfaces and many porous surfaces. For products stored outdoors, inks are available with strong UV and weather resistance. Inks are supplied in quick-change, 200ml cartridges with a typical consumption of 200,000 characters per cartridges based on printing 11mm high text.